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Mod aproval

  • @administrators @Global-Moderators

    Hi, how i can enable automatic aproval for my mods? I published 2 mods, one 3 days ago, and another, 1 day ago and don't have a aproval from administration, can you aprovate my mod or tell me how to enable automatic aproval, thanks


    @CatalonianModder No, you can't enable automatic approval yourself, it would be an useless feature then.

    I've checked your profile and your automatic approval rights were removed the November 21, 2018 by another moderator for some reason which I don't know. Maybe you know if something happened to you then because of the date (did any moderator tell you anything about any of your old uploads back then?).

  • @Reyser
    hello, thanks for attending me, nobody has warned that removed that option, I guess it was because of a problem with the mod I have of the Google Maps car, but it was solved

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