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Customize vehicle spawning?

  • Is it possible to customize vehicle spawning? So for example, I want to replace Michael's tailgater with a somewhat large file size car, but for game performance reasons I don't want this new model to spawn in traffic. Can I tweak the game's spawning to never naturally spawn the tailgater?

  • @GooseDown You should try to download this mod and removing the tailgater in the list. Maybe it could work !

  • @Theoasterix Unfortunately that mod seems to be just for adding new vehicles to the spawn list, not editing the existing one

  • @GooseDown

    'popgroups.ymt' :thumbsup:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\popgroups.ymt

    You can find a decrypted version of the vanilla 'popgroups.ymt' in the Southern San Andreas Exotic Traffic mod in the 'vanilla game (no addon cars)' folder. Edit it with Notepad/Notepad++ etc (delete the line/s (some vehicles have multiple entries) with the vehicle name in it to remove that vehicle from spawning) & then drag & drop it over the original using OpenIV.
    To make add-on vehicles spawn in traffic, simply either create a new line with the add-on vehicle's name in it or replace an existing one :thumbsup:

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