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Modification development for money

  • Good day.
    We are interested in the development of fashion for GTA5 to order.
    It is necessary to add a model of energy banks to the game.
    He gets unlimited strength, the ability to fly, destruction, and so on.
    That is, you get as cool as possible.
    Next, with this model you need to remove the screencast video.
    Please tell me how much it will cost and what time frame?
    Here is my Telegram for operational communication @checrygin
    Moscow, Russia

  • I think I'm getting to old, "development of fashion", I assume we are talking about clothing,

    But then you lost me at "energy banks". Features that you have said like "strength" and "fly" are already available through mods that have been released and in trainers.

    So is this suppose to be some kind of script?

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