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[MODDING REQUEST]How to add/change sound to vehicle?

  • Hail all:

    So, let us say, I get me the Dodge Charger SRT8 police car.
    Upon checking Vehicle.XML, I find that the audio is set to: "<audioNameHash>FBI</audioNameHash>".
    Now, the FBI car that uses this sound file sounds like a wheelchair more than a Dodge Charger.
    Where can these FBI sound files mentioned in the AudioNameHash be found, btw?

    So, I get me the Supercharger Mod, rename the "Windsor2.AOC" which holds:
    (I am not sure if that is the whole needed list for a police car?
    If not, what am I missing?), rename this to Supercharger.AOC, drop this into the "update/x64/dlcpacks/mpchristmas2017/dlc.rpf/x64/audio/sfx/dlc_christmas2017" location, creating the Supercharger.AWC, and make a reference in the previous mentioned Vehicle.XML file.


    No sound, though...?

    What have I missed (WAV files like I mentioned afore?).
    Did I miss a step?
    Would it, maybe, be more suitable to make an "On-Board-of-the-Mod" sound folder, placed in the DLC.RPF?

    Thank you.


    just change the audio hash name from FBI to windsor in vehicles.meta

    edit: or a police car instead of windsor for the sirens etc

  • @Reacon You did not get it: Windsor2.awc exists.
    I got the Supercharger Mod, which I want to use for the new police car.
    Hence, I made the SuperCharger.AWC, but this does not work on my police car.

    If I replace Windsor2, other cars too will be affected.
    Which I do not really want...

  • You can't just add the .awc and have it as new sound, you need to edit audio metadata (.rel files) which can be edited with codewalker, problem is, you need to do research on your own and find out which setting does what, and also spend 3 days on trying to make it work..

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