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Rocket Voltic won't go into purchased garages

  • Hi everybody! I'm new here :)

    First of all, I'd like to congratulate the whole community on the magnificent job you've been doing with modding, it has indeed taken the SP experience in GTA V to a whole new level. For that I'm really grateful, as I purchased the game for the SP; I truly dislike the Online, GTA has always been a SP game for me, lol.

    I decided to register because I have the following issue which I can't solve on my own:

    I downloaded this mod: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/scripts/add-on-vehicle-spawner
    by Ikt. It works fine, my problem is not with it.

    My problem is: when I spawn a Rocket Voltic, although I can modify it at LSC, I can't store it in any of the purchased garages (Grove Street, Vinewood and Pillbox Hill). I get the message "This vehicle cannot be stored in this garage" . The Rocket Voltic can only be stored in the Safehouses. I say the Rocket Voltic because I never had this issue with ANY vehicle spanwed so far, I can store all super cars, even those which also have rocket boost, like the Scramjet.

    So, how could I store the Rocket Voltic in those garages? What do I need to change?

    Things I've already tried:
    1º) Tricking the game into thinking it's a normal Voltic by editing the vehicles.meta of the Voltic2. It didn't work. I even tried disabling the Rocket, still I couldn't store it.
    2º) Tricking the game into thinking it's a different class, like changing it to a SUV, or Sports class, also by editing the vehicles.meta. Didn't work.

    So I'm led to think there's nothing I can do with the vehicle itself, I have to change something with the garage files.

    I thank you for your time reading and appreciate any help given!

  • Hardcoded

  • @HeySlickThatsMe

    Thanks. But do you mean those garages are hardcoded or the vehicle especifically? Could you please point to me where are garage files located so I can have a look? :)

  • @TheSith not sure, there's no "garage files" it's all in the .ysc script which you can't edit

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