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Loadouts.meta Help

  • Hey everyone I have a quick question. I am modifying my loadouts .meta file and i am trying to figure out the swat teams. One of them is just LOADOUT_SWAT and there is another called LOADOUT_SWAT_NO_LASER. Does anyone know which one modifies the sway guys in the helicopters? i am trying to give some swat members the marksman rifle in the heli's but not on the ground swat, those guys just get automatic rifles. Please help, I would appreciate it! Thanks guys! :)

  • @TrustNo1
    I only have one swat model (s_m_y_swat_01) I can find in my game so I suspect that the swat on the ground & the swat in the helicopters are the same & have the same loadout. Not sure if 'LOADOUT_SWAT_NO_LASER' is even used by the game as there is no reference to it in 'pedpersonality.ymt' or any other file I can find.

    I reckon you might be able to get what you want though, by editing these three files:

    • 'peds.ymt' (Encrypted. Would need to use a decrypted (non-vanilla) one from WoV or DoV etc)
    • 'pedpersonality.ymt' (can be opened & edited in OpenIV)
    • 'loadouts.meta'

    Here in this pic is how I guess the three files are connected. No promises, as I've not tested this, but there's at least a reasonable chance this is how the files work with one another & I reckon it's worth a shot:

    alt text

    So the peds basic model data exists in 'peds.ymt' which points to their personality traits in 'pedpersonality.ymt' which in turn points to a loadout in 'loadouts.meta'.

    This is the basic procedure I would follow if trying to achieve this:


    • Choose a unique swat ped either by creating a new complete duplicate of the pre-existing 's_m_y_swat_01' or by adding a mod that increases swat variety by adding new peds (s_m_y_swat_02/03 etc) & make sure the only place that ped spawns is in the swat helicopter.
      Note: You can set the ped to spawn in a certain vehicle using the '<PedModels>' lines in 'dispatch.meta'.


    • If required, create & edit a new block of data for your new helicopter only swat ped in 'peds.ymt'.
    • Still in 'peds.ymt', give your helicopter only swat a '<Personality>heliswat</Personality>' line or something similar.


    • Copy the pre-existing block of swat data in 'pedpersonality.ymt' & paste & create a new block of data duplicating the original.
    • Rename the new block of data '<PersonalityName>heliswat</PersonalityName>' or something like that.
    • Change the '<DefaultWeaponLoadout>LOADOUT_SWAT</DefaultWeaponLoadout>' line under the '<PersonalityName>' line to either, '<DefaultWeaponLoadout>LOADOUT_SWAT_NO_LASER</DefaultWeaponLoadout>' (if you can confirm the game isn't using that) or alternatively call it something like '<DefaultWeaponLoadout>LOADOUT_SWAT_HELI</DefaultWeaponLoadout>' etc.


    • Either edit the pre-existing 'LOADOUT_SWAT_NO_LASER' loadout & give your heli only swat the marksman rifle or create a new loadout called 'LOADOUT_SWAT_HELI' etc & add the marksman rifle there instead.

    If my guess is anywhere near the mark that should be all that is required but as mentioned this is untested so I can't be 100% sure it will work. It's entire theory at this point. I've tried to keep it as concise as possible & just stick to the basic procedure. Any questions, give me a shout & if you have a go at it let me know how you get on :thumbsup:

    Backup the entire 'update.rpf' archive before you start & reverting any changes will be a piece of cake :thumbsup:

    Useful Tip: 7zip can be used to open & extract '.oiv' installers like the ones WoV & DoV are packaged as. Right-click '.oiv' > '7zip' > 'Extract to "wov" ' etc & then go into the newly created mod folder structure & look for the files you want to access. No need to install it to see exactly what edits have been made to the files etc :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Hey, I really appreciate the response! :) Thanks you for all the information you gave me as well. Now will begin my tweaking of loadouts.meta. Your post was very helpful for me so again, thank you! :)

    EDIT: I also found "loadout cop heli" in a vanilla loadouts.meta. Do you think thats the one to edit?

  • @TrustNo1
    Good shout :thumbsup:. Conducted a little experiment in my game at least & changing the 'LOADOUT_COP_HELI' does indeed change the loadout of the gunners in my Maverick & also the Annihilator (gunners are both 'S_M_Y_Swat_01' in both Helicopters, in my game anyway).
    I have heavily edited my game so vanilla gameplay isn't really there anymore. I've edited just about everything in one way or another so it's hard for me to tell what any outcome will be in anyone else's game but I would say that editing 'LOADOUT_COP_HELI' is a good place to start :thumbsup:
    Been so long since I edited 'dispatch.meta' I had just presumed the Maverick gunners were normal Police Officers & that 'LOADOUT_COP_HELI' would only apply to them but seems I was wrong (& perhaps massively overcomplicating what was needed in my previous post lol). Have a look at the '<PedModels>' lines in your 'dispatch.meta' for the helicopter/s in question & take it from there :thumbsup:
    I tried giving the 'LOADOUT_COP_HELI' RPG's & Grenade Launchers & although those weapons didn't appear (probably 'weapons.meta' settings needing to be right for that to work or maybe the game don't allow it?! (sure I did it before as an experiment years ago though), the 'S_M_Y_Swat_01' gunners spawned unarmed so I could tell the 'LOADOUT_COP_HELI' edits were doing something. Have a go at editing 'LOADOUT_COP_HELI' & let me know how you get on :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Nice! I'm glad loadout cop heli does something. I just added a marksman rifle to that because I am trying to replicate real life swat. They will not just spray and pray with an auto rifle from a helicopter, they will use sharp shooters. Also my game in not heavily edited, same stock swat models. My dispatch has only been changed to add Annihilators to higher wanted levels and I set it up to just have swat rapel from the Annihilators not shoot from them. The regular police maverick is where the swat members will shoot from. Anyways again thanks for the help, I will let you know how it goes next time I play GTAV(waiting for new video card).

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