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Can someone have a look at my Modded RPF - Game Crashing

  • Hi

    I'm having crazy issues creating a merge mod folder to spawn cars, its working on its own but when i try to put it in a pack the game just says ERR_FILELOAD corruprt file system( ALL in the mods folder)


  • WARNING!!!! - To all other users - From my experience this 'dlc.rpf' will corrupt 'update.rpf' leaving you with a permanent 'ERR_FILELOAD' until you replace 'update.rpf' from backup so if you plan on looking at it, make a backup of 'update.rpf' first!!!
    After restoring 'update.rpf' I attempted the same thing a few times to confirm & rule out it wasn't just bad luck/something else etc. :thumbsup: This dlc corrupts update.rpf everytime I try to load it!

    Yeah, not sure what's going on with your 'dlc.rpf' & so lucky I made a backup of 'update.rpf' just minutes before having a look at it! :slight_smile: Phew!

    Highlights very well the need for a rigorous & frequent full '.rpf' backup routine. :thumbsup:

    Try removing the '<Item>dlcpacks:\FOLDERNAME</Item>' (presume that's what you have called it in your game) dlc entry from 'dlclist.xml' & see if you still experience the 'ERR_FILELOAD' crash on startup?
    If so, it's the same issue as I experienced & you will have to replace 'update.rpf' from backup to get rid of it. I'm hoping you have a backup handy?
    I'm presuming also, from your "crazy issues" statement, that the potential corruption of 'update.rpf' might be the missing part of the puzzle? ie Any changes you have made to the FOLDERNAME 'dlc.rpf' as you attempted to fix it will have appeared not to work, as 'update.rpf' may have been damaged the first time you tried to load the FOLDERNAME 'dlc.rpf'.
    If indeed you confirm this is the exact problem you are facing, you will have to replace 'update.rpf' from backup inbetween each attempt to fix the dlc or just scrap it & start again with all new files (probably safer as I've not seen anything like this before, so I'm simply presuming the dlc is possessed by demons & only some kind of sacrificial offering will appease them & fix it (I tried, no luck). Who's your least favourite family member? Any pets that are already on their way out? lol).
    Let me know how you get on anyway, as confirming this can happen en masse will cause me to implement a more stringent backup policy. Thanks & best of luck :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Not able to download this file...expired?

    seems for some reason that page doesn't like my FF. Had to use that shit Edge to download.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Edge, that's bottom of the barrel stuff that.
    I'd expect a visit from Microsoft tomorrow telling you they've analysed your entire digital life & feel you would be a perfect candidate to participate in Westworld. :smile:
    Of late, been using Blackbird & other such programs & other techniques to remove all the bloatware & telemetry from Windows 10. Should be called peeking through your Windows 10 ' (I've shutdown over 160 separate avenues for MS to collect data so far :unamused: ).

    Blackbird Results

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