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How to upload a mod to this site?

  • Hey all, I've just created my account because I made a handling fix that actually works for one of the NFS-MW BMW mods. On the upload page, I've typed in the description, added tags, uploaded a picture, a name for the file. On clicking "Submit", I got a "Uploader failed to complete action" error, and realized silly 'ol me forgot to actually attach the file. The problem though is that I don't see where I actually attach the file. There is literally no button on my page for uploading the file. What am I missing?

    Update: Nevermind. Of course after making this post and clicking Submit, it goes through without error now. I dunno.


    after you click save file after uploading screenshots etc it takes you to the file upload page

  • when i upload mods to the site, it says pending admin approval. how do i approve the file?

  • Banned

    You don't, you wait for a site administrator to.
    Oh, and please don't hijack the threads of others.

  • @shaggy08251993 Hi... while trying to upload and after clicking the 'submit' button, the page starts buffering and reads "creating file". WHAT CAN I DO I'M STRESSED OUT :( !? @Global-Moderators


    @hn3gamer first of all, don't hijack a 2 year old topic that hasnt seen a reply in over 11 months. create your own. second, why are you stressed? its creating your upload and you just need to be patient

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