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  • Original Post: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/population-control#description_tab

    This Mod Allows You To Control The Population Of Vehicles And Peds, So You Don't Have To Worry When You Are Driving For Traffic, You Can Remove All Vehicle All Peds And You Can Put The Percentage Of Decrease You Want.

    Thanks For @IntaglaticBombardier, For His Suggestions(Feature : 8, Bug : 1, 2, 3)


    1. You Can Modify Vehicle And Ped Population
    2. You Have A Configurations Menu So You Can Change Menu Key In Game
    3. You Have An Option In The Configurations Menu That Enable/Disable Deleting The Parked Car, If Need Driver Is Checked Then Vehicle Without Driver Wont Be Deleted
    4. If You Spawn A Vehicle With A Menu It Could Be Removed Unless It Is Within 10 Range From Your Position
      Pending In V1.1:
    5. Your Last Vehicle Will Not Be Removed By The Mod Until You Get Another Last Vehicle
    6. Any Vehicle You Enter Will Never Get Deleted By The Mod (It Could Still Be Deleted By The Game)
    7. Removed The Decrease Value List, So Now You Input The Value You Want.
    8. Added Support For Decimal Numbers For The Decrease Values(EX: 95.5)
    9. Added An Option In The Config File That Allows You To Have Probability Rather Than Just Removing 70 Percent Of The Vehicles(EX: If It Is Off, Then The Mod Will Remove 70 Percent Of The Total World Vehicles, If It Is On Then There Is A 70 Percent Chance For Every Vehicle To Be Removed And 30 Percent Chance That It Will Stay In The Game)

    Bug Fixes:

    1. Config File Was Getting Reseted By Its Own, Is now fixed.
    2. Config File Was Not Saving Correctly, Is now fixed.
    3. If You Change The Decrease Values From The Menu Or Change The Menu Toggle Key Will Now Update Correctly

    Known Bugs:
    None If You Found Any Post It In The Comments Please.


    1. You Need ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet And NativeUI
    2. Put The PopulationControl.dll And PopulationControl Folder In Your scripts folder.
    3. To Modify The Percentages Go To The Config File In PopulationControl Folder And Add The Value You Want In The DecreaseNumbers It Should Be In The Same Form As Others number[comma][space]
    4. You Can Change Menu Key By Default It Is Page Up.


  • Okay This Is Interesting But Can You Stop Writing Like This

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