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How do I create a panoramic (360 degree) scene video/image?

  • Hey, guys.
    I’m brand new to the community and was hoping if you could help me with a recording issue.

    I’m wondering how I could create seamless panoramic videos/images on the GTAV Rockstar Editor.

    I’m trying to create 2 types of panoramic videos:

    1. a 360 degree view of the environment from the viewer’s perspective (basically the player rotating 360 degrees in the same spot), and

    2. a 360 degree view centered on the player (a camera rotating 360 degree with the player character as pivot).
      I’ve been trying to achieve this end by creating multiple ticks of different cameras each fixed on a point along the 360 degree circle. But, unfortunately, since I’m moving the view with my mouse and keyboard, the final product feels very wobbly and inconsistent since the spaces between the cameras are all but consistent.

    I’d be forever grateful if you could point me towards a scripting element or mod that could help me shoot these panoramic image/videos without all this wobbling nonsense.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @JeffieBoi
    I've not tested it myself but try this out :thumbsup:

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