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  • Greetings, Everyone. GTAV is a game where everyone wants to do something and get SOMETHING new in the game. So , I'm enhancing other people's mods and combining them making my own mods for this. I loved the E3 Reveal of Watch_Dogs Legion.

    I have a really really early version of this, WDLV. (Watch Dogs Legion V) The BETA 0.1, I've recorded a gameplay video, Just a look at what I've done.

    I indeed need help of others modders, If Anyone interested. Please contact me at xenodrome606@gmail.com
    I have alot of things i can do and cannot do,
    Will require your help. Let's change the game

    The Gameplay Trailer will be out tomorrow

  • @MAK-Moderator Hey !! Friend... If you need changing AI behavior , or some internal file values ( like editing time cycle, some other xml, ytd, ydd file ) for your MOD.... You can count on me... I'll be glad to help ..... I'm also working on my BIG mod of gameplay and graphics enhancement named Project REVIVE.... I'll be releasing it soon.... If you wanna see what I can do... Check that out once I release.....

    Dedsec forever... Lol

  • @D-Tech-Gaming how bout we make a team then ? Let's free the city of Los Santos from the hands of Blume and ctOs 3.0

  • Video out now !

  • @MAK-Moderator Hmmm... Nice gameplay Vid you got there.... Did you use Julio NIB's Watch_Dogs Script ? Or is it your own ? I'd love to make a team with you..... btw.. would you like to join mine ? my team of GTA V Project REVIVE ?

  • @D-Tech-Gaming I used his in that video. But now I've updated his for a more new real experience.

    And now I've even created the DedSec skull mask from WDL to GTAV and I'm working on more stuff..

    Yeah I would love to work together.

    Sorry for the late reply though I didn't check this post.

    If you still need me on this. Message me on the Chats of gta5-mods

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