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Modded vehicle's top speed causes sudden stops...

  • So here's something I've been trying to figure out (as well as search) for quite some time. I have modded a specific vehicle's top speed, traction, as well as many other factors (including weight because I like smashing through things) and after one of the first updates, my modded vehicle now stops on a dime when at top speed after encountering just about anything - another vehicle, a barricade, a bullet fired by someone, etc. - and I'm trying to find a possible workaround for this.

    My thinking is that it's a built-in limitation of the game's engine, but if there's a file - or setting in the handling.meta file - that can be altered to stop this from happening, I'd love to know about it. Thanks in advance!

    p.s. I'll try to make a short video of this in action and post it in the comments.

    edit: FYI, I've tried modding only the "fMass" and "fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel" values to only increase weight and top speed but I still encounter this problem.

  • Here's the video. It's still being uploaded so if you can't see it, check back in a few minutes.

  • @DoobZilla
    I think it's because the vehicle is set as invulnerable in a trainer. ENT by any chance? Think it is fixed in the new Enhanced Native Trainer Update 40 - bugfix update 7 (I can't seem to replicate the freeze on collision in that version anyway, but have experienced it in the past on older versions & had to turn off vehicle invulnerability etc in the 'vehicles' menu to bring back correct functioning). Hope it helps :thumbsup:

    Also, lower the 'z' parameter (can be negative) in this line:

          <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="lower this value" />

    to stop your car tipping/rolling over on corners etc (you probably only need to lower it by ~0.1>0.2 for the F620 in the vid :thumbsup:)

  • Thank you for the advice, unfortunately, I have tried turning off the vehicle's "God" mode to no avail. The only thing that stops almost all of this issue is to lower the vehicle's mass to its default value, but then you can't smash through things. I am not using ENT, instead opting to use Simple Trainer (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav) so that might be something for me to try out and see if there's any issues.

    I have tried lowering the center of mass for the Z-axis and while it has some effect, I have the traction turned up so far that it will likely always go up on 2 wheels when cornering while not using Franklin's ability. On that note, however, I have found that increasing the Z-axis for the inertia multiplier helps curtail a very significant amount of that cornering issue.

    Thank you again for the advice, I'm going to try out ENT and see what happens there.

  • @DoobZilla
    Ok, cool. Best of luck.
    Out of interest, what sort of Mass values are you using? I've increased the mass of all vehicles in the game by a factor of 10 (average vehicle mass = ~20,000>30,000 for cars & SUV's with Trucks & Lorries up in the 150,000's) & as mentioned, no longer have the 'stop dead on impact' issue so it should be possible to fix it. :thumbsup:
    Hope you get it sorted anyway. Let me know how you get on with ENT & if I mess around with stuff & find anything else out I'll be sure to let you know :thumbsup:

  • @DoobZilla
    Little update -
    Managed to get it to do it again (even with the new ENT) but only when the 'Cosmetic' part (the one that stops the scratches appearing on the vehicle) of ENT's 'Vehicle Invincibility' is on.
    With the other two parts of ENT's 'Vehicle Invincibility' ( Mech, + Visual) set to ON it does NOT happen.
    Also, it only does it some of the time, not everytime I drive into something at speed so may well be slightly different to yours?
    Do you have the mass for all your vehicles increased or just a few lke the F620? If you paste your handling for the F620 to Pastebin I'm happy to try & see if I can replicate the issue in my game. May give us some info. :thumbsup:

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