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Cannot change forum profile picture - infact this has been the case for like 3 years

  • Right now there's a pic of me with a smashed up face as a 17 year old as my profile pic. I've had it there for like 3 years cos I can't change it.

    I've tried tons of times. So there ya go admins let me know when it's fixed

    Lol I bet I get some sort of dismissal... go try it for yourself, it just redirects to account settings which is a different website essentially (sub domain is the forum right)


    @IntaglaticBombardier It won't be fixed (at least for now, but there are no plans on fixing it in the future). Always that someone wants to change its own profile pic in Forums, such person should reach @Dark0ne and let him know which picture wants to use (main site profile picture or provide one to him).

  • Are you not going to atleast say why....?

  • As far as I know, it is a complicated problem, and since it is not a feature of the forum that is too important, it is not a priority.

    I don't think contacting Dark0ne is an option either, since he wouldn't have time for the constant requests. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

  • Well I just want my face removed from the website what's the big deal?

  • lol


    @Jitnaught Sending a PM to Dark0ne is what he said to another guy who asked to change the profile pic a while ago, so I think is the only method available to do it for now.


    Nope, that's not correct, @Reyser

    The avatar issue was a bug for some time while Rappo was still maintaining the site. He was making live changes to the database manually to "fix" this issue on a case by case basis, but we do not do that as it's not a good practise to do any more.

    Right now, there is no fix. I hope we can get someone to fully look at the issue in the not too distant future just to confirm once and for all whether it can be fixed at all!

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