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  • Greetings all...

    The reason I ask my question here, is because Rockstar is too bloody stupid to help me with my clean, just installed Windows 10 Pro x64, GTA5/Social Club.
    Version 1604.1/1.46, Official of course!
    Log In info is valid.

    To the point:
    Since 2/9/'18, I am crashing in the city, playing story mode, mere seconds after loading or entering the city (up to at most a minute).
    And ONLY in the city.
    I can go anywhere perfectly, just NOT in the city.
    Odd, in MP I CAN go in the city, and play normal, no crashes.

    I reinstalled Windows since 2/9/'18 four times.
    I reinstalled GTA5 countless times since 2/9/'18.
    I reinstalled Social Club even more times.
    I Deleted my account, recreate it.
    I did what Rockstar has told me to do, every sodding step.
    But to absolute no avail!!!
    The issue remains: dare I load into the city, or enter the city, the game will CTD.

    I am at a loss, I fail to understand the issue, Rockstar fails to find the issue, and I just want to play the frikken Story Mode.

    Why Story Mode, I hear a few ask:
    Well, there are a few answers to this:

    1. Un-nice people. This I think needs absolutely no explanation, I guess.
    2. Inability to use mods online.
    3. Un-nice people.
    4. Lack of a decent content online.
    5. Un-nice people.
    6. Did I mention idiots? Well, I do it now then.

    I hope, that someone can help me, as I am getting bananas from the issue...

    Thank you beforehand:

  • Umm, tone it down a little, k? If it turns out the community will not be able to help you, will you refer to us per "idiots" too?

    Now, did you (prior to the date mentioned) manage to run the game successfully in Los Santos? Is this issue present since the very first time you bought the game or did it appear suddenly?

  • @TheMurderousCricket Err?
    See, Online: there are these folks that either get you suspended by cheating on your character, kill you over and again, or harass you in other ways.
    Either I am THE unluckiest fella ever, as I keep bumping into them, or...

    I did not say all folks there are idiots, just that there are idiots in there...
    No need to take this so personally, my friend. :(
    I edited the first post, better this way?

    Yes, it ran awesome, until it stopped running awesomely at 2/9/'18 (My first ticket about the issue was made then)...

  • That's okay @Sammy1970. I understand the frustration, just a rare vulgarity-sensitive type I am. ;)

    If you want to investigate that matter, I suggest you share all the logs that you can. Social Club Launcher, bootstrap (or whatever) and others if you have some (like RPH or script hook). Without these logs it might be hard, if not entirely impossible, to determine the cause.

    Did you mention that you have no mods at all, or am I seeing things? (y'know, it's 35 degrees out here...)

  • @TheMurderousCricket Do I copy-paste here, or do I load the files and put the link here?

    And yes, totally un-modded, my friend. :)
    For now at least! :P

  • I think the policy here is to use hosting sites and share the URLs.

  • @TheMurderousCricket So, copy paste.
    Let me hook you up....


    There you go, Sir. :)
    And thank you, for responding alone, even.

  • Crashes are persistent, R* has not a single clue. :S

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