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Im having a weird issue with NPC's. (They are acting like birds)

  • So i am having this issue with the game where NPC's are behaving like birds.

    Here is my list of mods if necessary:

    Colourful Hud Icons
    Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul
    Gangs Of Los Santos
    Improvements in Gore 2.5
    Natural Vision Remastered
    Real California Architecture
    Strip Club Redux
    Vibrant Realism
    Visual V

    Any support on this would be very much appreciated.

  • What do you mean when you say "acting like birds". You have peds flying?

  • @Kylestar1875
    Can you post a video of it happening? (so many scenarios running through brain. I need to see this lol & do a David Attenborough voiceover for it).
    None of those mods look like they would be the overt cause but will have a better idea with a little more info on specifically how they are acting like birds?

    • Do they roost in trees overnight?
    • Is their main form of attack, pecking?
    • Lots of head-bobbing? (if so, they might just be Mick Jagger fans).
    • If you change the in-game weather to Winter, do they migrate?
    • Anyone who looks like Flash Gordon walking about?

    Jokes aside, we'll help you out if you give us more info & posting a video is probably the best thing diagnostically (unless their behaviour can be described easily) :thumbsup:

  • Here you go, see for yourself. shit is fucking weird

  • "behaving like birds" is an understatement. Those peds look whack as fuck. I've never seen that before.

  • Yeah i know, i don't know exactly what the miss conception is with these NPC'S. It's just weird

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