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How to get Mods

  • Where can I get Mods for my Console and how do I get them onto my console with doing it in a safe way for GTA 5 (PS3)

  • @Dominic-Jordaan
    This site is just for PC. No console modding here.

  • bruh please text me here is my number i need your help how to download mods beacause i am not finna be able to download

  • @prettydele
    Really, you should create your own thread for this but...

    Mods for PC yeah? Specifically what problem are you having trying to download?

    • Generally you would go here
    • Browse to a mod you would like to download from one of the various sections ('TOOLS', 'VEHICLES', 'PAINT JOBS'... etc)
    • Click on a mod picture
    • & then download the mod using the '[Download]' button (top left)
    • A new page will open & the download should start automatically (if not, use the 'click here' link on that page to start it manually).

    Note: Most mods are packaged in '.rar' archives so grab a copy of WinRAR to extract the files from the archive you download & then follow the instruction in the mod's readme etc to install it.
    That's it.

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