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  • Seeing as there's a new update coming and the script hook thread is about to explode (you should lock it like they do on gta5forums @rappo ) just set your game to not update automatically on steam or firewall the SC launcher. You won't be able to play online though but you'll still be able to use script hook and trainers. Only update your game after the script hook releases if you still want to use it after the 4th. This is mainly for people who don't play online like me or who prefer sp over mp.
    Hope this helps at least a few people

  • @Frazzlee The problem is, if you firewall the launcher, it will eventually fail activation checks and will force you online to activate. I think it has to be activated once every few days. If the new version isn't out before then... it's a problem... especially if you create mods. :(

  • @yeahhmonkey If they closed their servers, they would probably just issue a launcher update before they did, that removed the online checks... presuming they cared enough to do so. SP gamers don't seem to rank that highly on their care scale though, so they might not...

    You couldn't do this through a mod because it is the launcher that does the checks, and we can't mod the launcher.

    I still believe that the reason they force the online activation, isn't because of security but because they want to keep pushing their online game. That's where they earn their money so they need to keep pushing that at you at every opportunity. If you could stay offline, they would have no way of enticing you to spend money on their shark cards etc...

    Online DRM is just a convenient way of blackmailing people into putting up with whatever way they choose to control your experience. It's nothing more than ransomware wrapped in a game... but they demand your attention, not your money. I consider it a bottom-feeder tactic.

  • I absolutely hate the "periodic entitlement verification". Makes me so mad.

  • It's Cockstar we're talking about... They don't give 2 shits about single player any more, but anything to do with offline activation can be cracked... But then again most things with online activation can aswell (I'm not supporting pirated versions of the game) , just saying that at least for the steam version they could check if the games in your library and done...

  • @LeeC2202 you can go into offline via command line btw

  • @Frazzlee I tried that, it causes just as many problems... for me anyway. In fact, after setting up a firewall rule this afternoon and seeing it pop up the Offline Mode option in the launcher, I am starting to think it was the command line option that I was having problems with, so I deleted the commandline.txt file a while back.

    What really annoys me about all this, is I have the Adobe Design Suite CS3. It cost a damn site more than this game (like £600 more), yet once I have activated it, that's it... no more nagging or being forced to activate once a week. I have Spectrasonics Omnisphere, again a damned site more expensive than this game and again, one-time activation, no more nagging. Lightroom, Vegas Movie Studio, Microsoft Office... none of them nag you about having to activate constantly, so I don't know why game studios think they have a right to do so.

    For me, the one thing that differentiates between professional or otherwise, is attitude towards your paying customers. Rockstar have a shitty, contemptuous attitude that reeks of pure greed. It was what prompted me to make this picture and tweet it to their page. :)

    alt text

  • @yeahhmonkey I see no bad English... please never apologise for being able to speak another language. I suspect none of us can speak your language... heck, some of the English people I know can't speak English as well as you can. Be proud of being multi-lingual. :)

  • @LeeC2202 That picture... XD. Don't they see all of the amazing things that are happening here on this site! I cant believe they wont support us here. Almost makes me sick... Its NOT about making a great gaming experience anymore...

    I would pay $ for a special "shark card" that lets me play single player without signing-in. Yes, it sucks big time but I would still do it.

    @Frazzlee Cockstar.... LOL

    Why does the sign-in screen say "only accounts that have signed in before can access offline play" or something like that. When I've signed in 1,000,000 times before?! O.o

  • @LeeC2202 works for me ... Never have to sign in again but anyway I have many Adobe apps and that's because Adobe apps are designed to also be extremely independent to the fact that they don't need internet because many people use After Effects , Premiere Pro, Photoshop etc. . On the go like me lol

  • @Frazzlee So you never get forced to go online to activate?

  • @LeeC2202 Also, not to forget, if you like to record clips and edit them in Rockstar editor, you will have to connect online first, else, the game would end up giving an error at export project name. Happend with me. Since, I made 2 game folders, the one when I want to play online and other with all Modded content. Then blocked the one is modded. But the problem arised when I wanted to export some cool stuff. :D

    P.S. I am on steam, and in the prefrence/settings menu, I just see 2 options,

    1. Keep this game upto date
    2. Update this game, when I launch it.
      So either way, it will update your game, and we will be screwed.

    @yeahhmonkey Buddy, for me, english is not my primary laungage, and I commit hell of errors as I type/speak. But Still, thats how we learn. As Brucie from GTAIV Said once to Niko.
    So I am just following his advice. :D :P

  • @ashishcw That's not a problem for me thankfully. I might capture the occasional clip to check something in-game but I never create or export projects with it.

    All this was easier with GTAIV because it used Windows Live and someone created the liveless mod that removed it from the equation. So that goes offline and stays offline. For SP games, all the social club launcher does is create too many resource eating processes, that contribute nothing to the game.

    Do people even press the Home key when they are playing? I don't think I have... ever... but then again, I have no friends so it doesn't apply to me anyway. Another perk of being Billy no-mates. :)

  • @LeeC2202 Lol, from that HOME Key part, yes, I do press it quiet often.

    When would you ask?

    I press it, When I am debugging my mod, copy and paste the new DLL and to reload it I had to press Insert Key, Now, The HOME KEY is located right next to it on my keyboard, and then ACCIDENTLY, I end up hitting, HOME key instead Insert Key. :D That's how I use the Home key. :D :P

    @Frazzlee LMAO, Cockstar....haha :D :P

  • @ashishcw You should find out what control it is and then disable it in your mod while you're in Debug mode..

    If you are using Visual Studio, you can wrap things in tags like this.

    #if DEBUG
    // Code to disable the HOME key here...

    So you could put some code to disable the HOME key inside that and it would only work when you are in Debug mode. When you create the dll to upload to this site, simply switch to Release mode and that control will work again.

    Release mode also generates a better performing version of your DLL, so it's better to use that mode for final uploads anyway.

  • @LeeC2202 wait what does home key do and no I never have to go online for activation. Also side note windows live was the worst thing I've ever seen, I've never seen the word good and windows live in the same sentence

  • @Frazzlee The Home key brings up the Social Club interface as far as I know... some social nonsense for sharing photos and stuff.

    I don't understand how you manage to avoid activation checks... if I leave my internet disconnected, within a week it will demand I go online or it will refuse to run. And going off this from the R* support, I am even more confused.

    **As noted in the GTAV PC System Specs, GTAV on PC requires periodic entitlement verification over the Internet. Once you connect and verify your entitlement, you can play offline again.

    So are you just using a commandline.txt file with -scOfflineOnly in it?

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