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Gims Evo 3ds max import -export script error / export axis error/

  • Hi.
    I would like to ask you abot an error, how to fix his?

    Gims Evo export error, after the model export done, the exported model is laying, and not positioned well into the rig.
    Something like gims turns the model into laying position after the exporting metod, and the port model not works well ingame.
    This bug came out when I updated the Gims Evo to the latest version, because of a ninja ripper part to install.

    What I did: I imported a base GTA V model /Ig_bestman/ into max, success, the model is standing, and positioned well into the rig.
    Than i exported it out to a folder. After that, I re-imported it again, and the model is laying, not standing. The script rotate it somehow.
    So I think, the prob is not with the Max software, not with my system, and not with oenIv. The exporter is buggy.
    I use 3ds Max 2012 version. I checked the script in two different laptop with same max 2012, but not works well.
    I never had this bug before, I used evo with success more than a year, modding was so fking fine, but now, I unable to do the procedure anymore.
    I can't find previous, older release of Gims evo to download, just the latest one, and it not works. Online installer uses only the latest release :(

    Please help, if somebody knows , how to fix it, or give me an older Gims evo offline installer, what was not problematic at that time,when released.

    Thanks for help!

  • Here are some screenshots about, how the error looks like:

    The first import is good from the openiv exported model:

    The exported- model is not good after re importing, and in openiv model viewer the model is laying too...Gims rotates it somehow by the exporting method:


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