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Cyberpunk project. Looking for devs to work with

  • Hello fellas, I'm looking if there any developers out there who want to participate in the creation of a cyberpunk-esque / futuristic world in GTA. This means an almost complete overhaul of the game that will include peds, vehicles and weapons, hud plus some other content if possible.

    I have the futuristic police project on hold right now. The work that is completed includes:

    • redone some audio that you hear on the streets: the voices of some peds and random noises like traffic have been substituted with echoing commercials like in the cyberpunk preview.
    • dispatch voices redone for those who play lspdfr using a robotic monotone woman's voice.
    • some peds have augmented pieces on their faces/hands/arms.
    • police cars and policeman
    • EMS will draw heavily from Cyberpunk's Trauma Team.

    If you are interested pm me, I will open a discord to stay in touch just for this project.

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