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Is it hard to convert replace to add-on (for car mods)?

  • As stated in title, there are quite an amount of car mods which I like and would love to install them into my game but I don't want to replace the current ones, so yeah... I hope this is the right place to ask this.

  • @FinnMcMissile its not that hard , if you have basic knowledge of computer operations. one can also use this to make Add-ons from replace vehicles. there is a video tutorial on the page as well. i use it to make my DLC add-ons. Thanks to @B-Milan

    Add-on Base Video and tool <----------- Visit page click here.

  • @TobsiCred i am Glad you do. :)

  • Believe me , replacing is not a smart idea considering R* will update the game everytime a new content/patch came out,which in turn will revert all your car mods to vanilla cars.

    Add-on is the best as it is unaffected by the game patch/update ( you have to rewrite dlclist.xml though ).

  • @cyberzone2 but if one uses a Mod folder. i believe an update does not remove your replace vehicles.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It will if they add a new location for the files you have replaced.

    So if you've replaced some files in patchday3 or whatever and then in patchday9 they add new versions of those files, your mod will be superseded and your cars will go back to the vanilla versions. I think that's what @cyberzone2 was referring to.

  • @LeeC2202 point noted. yes you are right. Add on method is a better choice, in this regard.


    @LeeC2202 @FoxtrotDelta That's easily fixable, just:

    1.- You can use the "EMF" (Easy Mod Folder) to have a static place to replace cars/weapons/data, they won't be replaced by any R* update.
    /-- Or --/
    2.- Create a DLC folder as if you are going to make an Add-On for any vehicle, put data and replace files inside and, the same as before will occurs, your cars won't be replaced by the game anymore.

  • @Reyser I presume you would need to add that DLC folder to the dlclist.xml file for the game to recognise it? Or doesn't it need it because they are versions of existing files anyway?

    I have done very little other than adding cars (not replace) and changing some textures... so my posts are unfortunately just based on what I had read on here. :(


    @LeeC2202 Yes, "dlclist.xml" is obligatory to edit to add a new line each time you put a new DLC folder. Else, if you use EMF method, you need to update "update.rpf/content.xml" file with new lines for "vehicles.rpf" file or others if you put more than 1.

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