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fbi2 slot not working as intended (white lights and textures messed up)

  • Hi all

    Relatively new to modding however not had an issue when replacing existing slots before (ie. police, policet, fbi, sheriff etc). Ive used the fbi slot before with no problems, however i downloaded a new unmarked tahoe i like the look if but when i loaded it in the game after installing the vehicle files, updated meta and ELS file, all the emergency lighting on said model is white and some of the components of the car flicker when moving the camera view.

    At first i had no lights at all. I noticed fbi2 was missing from carvariations so copied another entry and adjusted it to fbi2, changing the light and siren settings in there. After i did that i had lights! But they were all white, sometimes when looking at them side on i can see hints of blue red and amber but its not right. I have radience V installed and the settings are correct, this is an issue specific to my fbi2 slot.

    [i just tried another model for the fbi slot and that is even more messed up, which file is causing the problem?]

    I will attach my carvariations file below.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    [0_1560678054231_carvariations.meta](Uploading 100%)

  • @jamwil420
    The default/vanilla carvariations data for the 'fbi2' is in this file:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carvariations.ymt

    Note: '.ymt', not '.meta' so perhaps why you didn't find it?

    You can edit the 'carvariations.ymt' using OpenIV so the first thing I would suggest is removing your 'carvariations.meta' 'fbi2' edit & editing the 'carvariations.ymt' settings instead. Once you've done that you will be in a better position to diagnose any other issues you may be having.
    See where that gets you anyway, & then we'll take it from there :thumbsup:

  • Ah i see. Right i found the .ymt and removed the fbi2 i placed in the .meta..

    I now have head and tail lights but still the emergency lighting is white and the vehicle components flicker (such as the laptop, areal's)

    The settings in the ymt file were as followed. The siren works as expected.

    <lightSettings value="23"/>
    <sirenSettings value="1"/>

  • Im now thinking it an OIV package might be the issue.. Ive got a second directory which i use for British mods and recently i installed a car pack which came in the form of an OIV installer.. I have a funny feeling i had the path in openIV set up for my American mods and it ended up there..

    I use patchday20 for all my add on vehicles but decided to follow the instillation instructions exactly as suggested, that meaning installing the model into patchday 11. When loading the car in the game, i ended up with a bmw x5 (not a tahoe) and the x5 looked like it was covered in some wrap but on closer inspection its actually the PNG texture files lol.

    I have no back up as i was not intending to install the oiv where i did.. oopsie

  • @jamwil420
    It does happen. Had to rescue my game from near death a few times due to a silly error on my behalf.
    Let me know how you get on either way :thumbsup:

  • Any clue what file is causing the issue? Other than the vehicle models, im not sure what was included in the OIV

  • @jamwil420
    If you grab yourself a copy of 7zip & install it, you can right-click the '.oiv' & select '7zip' > 'Extract to 'Name-of-oiv-here' & 7zip will extract all the files to a folder structure of that name.
    You can then search that folder structure in Windows & have a look at the files manually :thumbsup:

  • Oh excellent, ill give that a go!

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Cracked it! After extracting the oiv i found several carvariation.meta and visualsetting.dat files along with all the other vehicles i accidentally installed. After taking a look i found the fbi2 file and noticed a few of the numbers were off so decided to just find an old back up and replace it in openiv.. hey presto! Nice bright red and blues on the tahoe! (lets hope my other cars still work.. lol)

    Thanks for the help, would have given up with out it!

  • @jamwil420
    No probs :slight_smile: Glad you got it fixed :thumbsup:

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