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UK bus mod

  • Hello, i was wondering if someone could make a mod for these double decker busses:

    Alexander ALX400, Leyland Titan (B15), MCW Metrobus, Daimler Fleetline circa 1975, Scania N series, Wright Gemini 2 2013. Mostly the old double decker busses would be great. If anyone wants to sell it on patreon would love to happily buy the mods. Thanks. :)

  • Anyone 2020?

  • Please note that its not always guaranteed to make the mod you want. The creator would have to feel interested in taking up the project. But what you can do to make the request more appealing is that you should post photos of the vehicle that you want to see. Not only does this make it more appealing to the potential creator. You have actually helped them out with the research.

    As for the ALX400. What chassis would you want to have the Alexander ALX400 mounted on? Dennis Trident or Volvo B7TL? Also do you have photos of the bus in question. That would be Front, Sides and Back and Roof for external. Do you have photos of the interior and the engine room? The drivers cab, both saloons and even photos of the seats and the hand rails for textures.

    Also the dimensions of the bus would be helpful to the potential creator that will help with scaling the model to fit the game as there is nothing worse that having an undersized or an oversized model that will get loads of negative reviews because there is no technical data to hand.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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