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Notes regarding my "New GTA" mod.

  • When I uploaded my mod, I didn't exactly know what kind of experience people would have with it. With everything set proper, it runs smooth as glass, but when things are not so right, it can be a not-so-nice kinda experience.

    For me, everything was good, minus what I called "no go zones". Morningwood, Eclipse, and Downtown Vinewood, would always crash as soon as I entered any of these areas.

    After much troubleshooting, I finally found the reason. I use Real California Architecture mod and Betavegroups mod.

    Both have distantlightlods.ymaps. Turns out this conflict caused the crashes when I entered these specific regions, so what I did was downgrade to a previous version of Betavegroups - that did not include distantlightlods - and these problem areas became stable again.

    So if you are using my mod with RCA and Betavegroups, and experiencing the same as I was, google betavegroups, and get version 5.5....this download will be available on OTHER mod sites.

    Also, if you use NVR, and are suffering issues with slow-loading textures, do the following -

    In visualsettings.dat, change containers LOD from 2500 to 750 and change LOD fade distances back to this -

    lod fade distances

    lod.fadedist.orphanhd 20.0
    lod.fadedist.hd 20.0
    lod.fadedist.lod 20.0
    lod.fadedist.slod1 20.0
    lod.fadedist.slod2 25.0
    lod.fadedist.slod3 25.0
    lod.fadedist.slod4 25.0

    Will continue updating my mod over time, hope you like the new "newness" it brings for you.

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