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does anyone know what happened to this mod?????

  • so this video has been uploaded a long time ago but, I can't find it anywhere does anyone know what happened ??
    there is also this one:

    now this one is weird, it's saying in the description link but there is nothing so... where is it really ???? jedijosh920, if you read this as well, can you please say something?? ill even pay for it if I have too.

  • He never uploaded it.


  • x1000

  • Also, considering the way the melee system is set up, this type of brute forcing it via coding, would never naturally fit into the game.

    The melee system (Action folder) is a surprisingly deep and extremely interdependent system, containing 100s of settings and conditions, spread throughout more than 10 files.

    In the overhaul of the game that I am working on, I am also rebuilding melee combat from the ground up, meaning changing everything from ycd editing the speed, blending and duration of animations to bringing back proper shovinh, both armed and unarmed.

    So in short. Melee in V needs to be changed natively via file edits, not a script.

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