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How to loop a task sequence in GTA 5 using menyoo?

  • I want to create a task sequence using menyoo where a person drives a car from current location (let's say location_A) to another location (let's say location_B). This can be done by using 'drive to position' option in menyoo task sequence. But what if I want that person to drive the car back to location_A and again to location_B and so on, as a never ending loop. How can I do that?

  • Maybe create some markers name like marker_A, marker_B and when the car is now at marker_B, create a teleport task et make is go to marker_A and do a loop? Don't know, I've never done it.

  • @sarathsamurai If you're interested in learning how to script, this is very easily done. If not, I think Menyoo can do this, but really not sure.

    These videos might answer your question - whole playlist.

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