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[SCRIPT] First Person Hip-fire Always On

  • I was wondering if its possible to make a simple script where hip-fire in first person is always on, so that the gun is ready / positioned like in a traditional FPS.

    And to make it more traditional, make it so that hip-fire walking speed is the same as unarmed walking speed.

    And lastly, make it so that people don't run away when you have your weapon drawn unless you aim down your sights at someone.

    Is it possible for anyone to make a script like this or similar to this? I would be grateful.

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  • There was a script somewhere, which I can't even find that was somewhat similar.
    When not aiming your gun in first person, your character holds it up towards the sky (like a pistol) or towards you (like a rifle), until you aim the gun. When using ironsights, there was two modes (you can switch between them with the scroll wheel), one mode was having it closer to you, the other mode was actually looking down the sights. There was a mod that made it so when not aiming the gun would stay aimed at the first option of aiming, so it wouldn't be semi-holstered (he holds the gun up to the sky or whatnot). I don't like it though. I like having it where when you shoot without aiming at all. It'll stay like that after you shoot for about like a few seconds and then get semi-holstered again. I'm probably making this more complex than it needs but...

    Basically I know what I'm talking about but I can't physically explain somehow.

  • @mrwallace888 No, it's not complex at all. I'm surprised that no that one has even made a mod like this yet.

  • Any update on this yet?

  • you can try this mod

  • @death7991 Not exactly what i'm looking for. That mod uses aim mode which covers a portion of the screen. But the main problem is that you move slow while having the weapon pulled out.

    What i'm looking for is a mod similar to that one, but with faster walking speed.

    Even if i have to make the mod myself, i would at least like to know the native functions for first person.

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