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Mouse glitch

  • When im flying a plane using a mouse the camera is moving with the mouse, like i want to go left then the camera goes left, anybody knows why? thanks.

  • @Filipi07 Isn't it supposed to do that ?

  • I mean like, im holding my mouse button to turn right/left and camera goes there too

  • Heres the video, im moving my mouse to change the flight location but the cam moves too, i hope you understand

  • @Filipi07 Go to the settings menu in game, in the keyboard/mouse tab, change the "Default Mouse Flying Control" setting to vehicle and you should be set. FYI, there is a setting in the Keybindings tab called "Override Aircraft Mouse Control (hold)" This is the button you hold down if you want to temporarily control the camera with the mouse while flying.

    If you have the DMFC setting to camera, it will be the reverse, to where you normally control the camera and you have to hold the OAMC button to control the plane.

  • I wanted it like, to move with the plane i need to hold the mouse, to look around just move around with the mouse not pushing the button

  • @Filipi07 I apologize, i did not look at the video and only based my response off your first post and obviously I didn't fully understand your situation.

    So both the plane and the camera move when you hold the button that is supposed to only move the plane. What happens when you are not holding the button to control the plane? Do both move when you are not holding the button? Does your mouse control in cars/boats/subs act the same?

    I wouldn't have clue as to why they are both being controlled simultaneously when you hold the button. Just a thought, maybe you have a secondary key bound to that control, maybe that is causing the game confusion. That's just a wild guess.

    Ps. Assuming your game is modded. How does it act on the vanilla game? (Rename dinput8.dll to 1dinput8.dll to test your game vanilla, change back for mods)

  • @Filipi07 Nevermind the part about the secondary binding, i can't get that to cause the issue. I also tried all kinds of combos of the settings trying to get my game to do the same and I can not reproduce the issue.

  • I'll just try re-installing gta 5 but not the mods

  • Make sure to delete game settings file, contains any bad keybinding.

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