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Simple Trainer Add On Vechiles Slots Are Disabled

  • I Need Some Help because i put some addon car mods in And i Go to the the added car menu in simple trainer and the slot are Disabled and i have try to fix it so i dont know how to fix it

  • You open up and edit the TrainerV. config (it's a notepad) and scroll all the way to the bottom to of the page and you'll see it will say added cars and below that it'll say car slot 1=0. Change that to a 1 to enable it and then below that put the vehicle name as it is in the dlc.rpf file of your added car (spawning name). Then below that the name of the car to appear in game.

  • Thanks For The Help The Reason Why I Didnt Show Is Because i Copied the contents of the update folder into the mods and i froget to make a new folder named update and put the contents in it and it worked after that

  • @kballard what exactly did you do to fix it

  • @robb9790 All I did Was I Froget To Put all The Files In The Mod Folder In The Update Folder in The Mod Folder Thats Is All

  • i did it but it still says disabled

  • @OOFERZOFFMYLAWN i m facing the same issue don't know why as i m using simple trainer for years now ...everytime it was working absolutely fine dont know what happened suddenly..anyone know the solution for it? I have tried to reinstall the whole game twice i am facing the same issue both the times

  • This post is deleted!

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