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Random crashes after installing scripts

  • Hi
    After I have installed my script mods, I have been getting crashes after a minute or two running GTA 5.

    1. I am running the latest version of GTA 5
    2. It isn't really a mod, its more so .net framework
    3. N/A
    4. My logs
      Asiloader.log: https://pastebin.com/8abbyMvM
      Scripthookv.log: https://pastebin.com/b73PdLKt
      Scripthookvdotnet2.log: https://pastebin.com/QPaLv9YE
      Ragepluginhook.log: https://pastebin.com/xHgdrFx5

    I've also got a ragepluginhook crash report but idk how to bring it here. I hope anyone can help me with this problem

  • @Kimchi_Un
    Hello again :thumbsup:
    You have NativeUI v1.61 installed but the PullMeOver script requires NativeUI v1.7. Possibly something else causing the crash but I would check that first. :thumbsup:

    You can only really install scripts that function on the same version of NativeUI together. If you have a script that explicitly requires NativeUI v1.6.1 (or any other version other than v1.7) then replacing the 'NativeUI.dll' file with v1.7 may cause that/those script/s to cease to function/throw it's/their own errors/crashes. In that case you will have to choose between them & pick the version of NativeUI that gives you the best choice/most options.

    To get PullMeOver to function 100% correctly you'll need to use the v1.7 'NativeUI.dll' but as a first diagnostic step it's probably better to just remove the PullMeOver script for now (move 'PullMeOver.dll' to Desktop/another folder etc) & make sure the crashes disappear & no new ones appear?
    If that removes the crashes then install the 'NativeUI.dll' from v1.7 in the 'scripts' folder & put the 'PullMeOver.dll' back in there too. Then load up the game & see if the change of 'NativeUI.dll' version has caused any other issues with other scripts that you may have that explicitly require v1.6.1.
    If removing 'PullMeOver.dll' doesn't fix it, then something else is causing it. I would then try removing one script at a time while loading & testing the game in-between & see if any removals fix the issue?

    When testing things like this it's important to not add more variables back into the mix. Once you remove a script, & it's removal doesn't make any adverse changes to the game. Leave it uninstalled until you fix the original problem & then reinstall the scripts you removed one by one, checking the game functions correctly in-between each install, otherwise you can end up in a right mess as what might fix one script may well break another & you'll just end up running around in circles.

    As for the Ragepluginhook crash report, I'm not sure how to access/upload that but I have seen them pasted to Pastebin before so it is possible. Also try pasting the contents of 'RagePluginHook.log' too (if it exists. Usually in 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder), incase it contains important info pertaining to the crash/s. :thumbsup:

  • @Kimchi_Un Here is the latest solution of GTA 5 scripts errors and game crash after installing scripts..

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