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Request - Mazda 6

  • Just looking for someone bored enough to convert a car nobody wants except me.

    I'm the current owner of a second generation USDM Mazda 6 and would love to see my car in game so I can play around with colors, wheels and maybe even slap some other modder's tuning parts on just to get rough ideas of how things would look (splitters, diffusers, blah blah.)
    I have searched around the internet and there is no such thing as the US market second generation 6 as a 3D model literally anywhere, but there is however the Japanese version of my car, called the Atenza on some site (I'll throw a link down at the end of this post.) It's not exact but I'll take what I get, it's close enough.

    Anyway, as rambled as this post is, in conclosing, I would really appreciate if someone could make this happen!

    This one is the US Market one and as much as I'd love to have this exact one of course you have to god damn pay for it....


    Here are the free ones that are the stupid Japanese model but like I said, I'll take whatever at this point..


    If anyone does decide to do this and wants to find a better model or has a more preferred site to download models from the generation of this car is 2009-2012

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