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[Map] [WIP] The Palace Ice Cream & Custards (Del Perro Pier)

  • The city of Del Perro is excited to announce that a new Ice Cream parlor is opening tomorrow on the Pier! Come out with your family and friends to celebrate and discover the taste you will never forget!

    This mod will feature the following changes:

    • a new building next to the Del Perro police station
    • More safety for the pier, including security cameras and poles to keep cars off the walking part of the pier.
    • More vehicle spawns in both the pier parking lot and the beach parking lot.

    This mod was created using Menyoo by Mafins. In order to use this map, you will need Menyoo.
    This Mod will release on 6/24/19 at 10 AM pst/ 1 PM est

    0_1561348438009_The Palace Ice Cream & Custards Promo.jpg

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