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Vehicle ADD-ON mods will not appear in game (HELP!!)

  • Okay so i'm a little new to modding GTA V, but i've learned the ropes pretty well. I've downloaded a couple different add-on mods for cars more specifically the Peterbuilt 337 flat bed car loader and the 92 dodge ram after adding in the lines of code to the dlclist.xml file, and adding the dlc.rpf files to just the dlclist file (i believe that is the correct file name). I go in game and open simpletrainer and try to spawn one of the two trucks but they are not appearing, yet i've followed all the instructions properly... can anyone please help me.

  • You sure you did it properly? You put the folder with the dlc.rpf to mods/update/64x/dlcpacks. Then open OpenIV. Next you edit dlclist.xml by going to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data. Copy and paste this below paths. <Item>dlcpacks:\insertnameoffolderfromdlcpackshere</Item> and then save. Load the game, Open Simple Trainer, Vehicle spawning, added vehicles menu and it should be there. If not, type the name of the model. If you don't know the name of the model you can find out this by opening the dlc rpf and going to x64.rpf and vehicles.rpf. Some add-on vehicles will have x64.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles/vehicles.rpf though. It's one of these two. If it doesn't load or it crashes the game then idk what else to tell you. Good luck.

  • same issue. For me however i can spawn vehicles in car packs but not standalone dlc packs

  • nevermind, i fixed it

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