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[MAP] Mad Max 1 world in GTA V?

  • Good evening or hello,

    I´ve been a big fan of Mad Max for a long time now and I´ve always dreamed of playing in the world
    the first movie takes place in. The motorcycles of the gang and the bike of Jim Goose already exist.
    But it seems such a map for GTA V doesn´t exist yet, so it would be really cool if somebody would create this map,
    since I can´t / dont know how.


  • Nobody willed to help?

  • You can't properly import maps to GTA V just jet. There's a tool in the making for this. Only alternative is FiveReborn.

    There is no Mad Max world model available, so if it's made, it's need to be made from scratch. This can take a very long time, depending on available resources (human, computer models).

  • I dont want to import a map, I would make it from scratch, but I need a empty map for doing this. How can I get a empty map?

  • Please guys...

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