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[PAINT] Colored chrome painting for vehicles

  • Hello,

    I have a proposal for some of you to make chroma colors for vehicles, for example blue chrome, light pink chrome etc. My idea is based on Yannimize's wrapping colors. Is there anyone who'd like to work on it?


  • @Lonique I don't understand very well... Are you proposing paintjob ideas? Otherwise... Isn't this already kind of possible? :slight_smile:


    alt text

    alt text

  • @Hyper-Droid said in [PAINT] Colored chrome painting for vehicles:

    Otherwise... Isn't this already kind of possible?

    Oh well, how the hell you got that mirror effect? I'm about that metallic paintjobs (ty for correct word) aren't that shiny/mirrored(?)

  • No problem!

    Tutorials are out there. Many of them.

    As for pre-made paint-jobs for vehicles, that is something that would have to be individually made by mod creators for specific vehicles, which of course would be cumbersome, unless it's totally necessary.

  • @Hyper-Droid Seems legit, but as that guy said the pearl color is almost invisible and I can't use crew color on SP I guess, even with trainer.
    Any idea?

  • @Lonique In games it's hard to make a perfect chroma paintjob (as well as in real life itself, to make chrome), so for a modder to make a chroma-looking paintjob in a game, it would not be very easy, but it could be done.

    An ENB does a better job on colors and reflections, so you would have a better chance on making a chroma paintjob if you had one.

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