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Crash with many Mods. I need more Memory?

  • I have equipped GTA V with many mods that make the city seem more real and replace many textures and a few vehicles.
    Now the game crashes without making a crash report. Could it be that you need more memory than 16gb with many mods?!?
    Is it useful to upgrade to 32gb?
    The load is 50-60% at 16GB, 4k and very high settings

  • I'm no expert but I'm guessing it maybe maxing your CPU or Graphics card? Maybe upgrade either?

    You could also have mods that are conflicting with each other and causing the game to crash, maybe remove them and add them one by one to test which mods are at fault. Make sure they're all up to date

  • @jens110399 Definitely NOT a issue with memory. One of my sticks went on the fritz, and had to pull it just to boot my PC up. I have been operating on a mere 8 Gb for some time now. Even with my "A New GTA" mod, that 8Gb does NOT fail me.

    You'll need to provide WAY more info, if anyone will be able to assist. When is it crashing? During loading or while in-game playing? Is it area-specific or random. What mods are you using? You mentioned vehicles...are these vehicle replacements or add-ons?

  • @eshenk okey. yes it crashes in the middle of the game and there is no crash report. Most of all, I use a lot of mods that change the many textures and make Los Santos look like Los Angeles. So LA Roads LA Vegetation Real Shops Real PD ....... I also replaced cars and a few Add On Cars.

    It is so annoying if you do not know what it is and you always have to modest from the front.
    despite back ups

  • @jens110399 Warning about L.A. Roads, I removed it when I discovered the resolution for it's textures are the same in both the regular and _hi.ytds - this will kill performance. Not likely causing your crashes. Vehicle replacements that DON'T come with tuning kits CAN and WILL crash the game, when the game attempts to load vanilla tuning kits on to these replace vehicles.

    For your replacement, first identify if what you replaced has tuning kits. If so, you will need to turn to vehiclemodelsets.meta in update/update.rpf/common/data/ai, search for said vehicles, and change modkits=0 to modkits=-1. There will likely be several entries for said vehicles, so make sure to do this for every entry you find while searching them.

    Also one final thing - too many vehicle replacements without LODs will also destroy performance, and could also crash your game. There are a couple vehicle developers that do include LODs, greenaide being one such person. There is another, but don't recall the name. Oddly they both made them as add-ons, which is JUST flat-out weird, because you almost never see these vehicles from a distance, since you manually spawn them, and then drive them, LOL. But add-ons can easily be used as replacements as well. You just need to rename them to a vanilla equivalent, and then make sure to copy over an handling values, etc

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