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State of MOD's after Bikes DLC drops?

  • Like most of you I use the MOD folder technique to mod.

    When this new content drops how - if possible - do we keep all our mods in-tact? Obviously we will have to wait for a new ScripthookV to be released but what else needs doing??

    I'm not familiar with the process of getting it all working again


  • @90sarcadefighter If we're really lucky, we won't need a new ScriptHookV. If we do, then we have to wait for that to be released.

    Then you have to rebuild the update.rpf file in your mods folder, using the new one that will be part of the update. So it will be:

    1. Copy new update.rpf to mods folder.
    2. Reinstall any mods that you had installed into the new update.rpf file

    If you're like me, that only involves dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml files but for anyone who installs a lot of graphic mods, that could be a long process. And while I am mentioning the gameconfig.xml file, depending on what they do, it might need an updated one of them to deal with any changes.

  • @yeahhmonkey said in State of MOD's after Bikes DLC drops?:

    @LeeC2202 Could you help me a bit?

    How Do i update without losing it all?

    The simple answer to that is... you don't.

    If an update does appear, anything in update.rpf will get lost when you copy the new update.rpf to your mods folder. As far as I know, there is no way round that. If you don't copy the new update.rpf to your mods folder, your game will probably crash or fail to load.

    So whatever you did to create the mix of those mods, you will have to do all over again. I can't give you anything more detailed than that, because I don't know how you created your own mix of those mods.


    @yeahhmonkey @LeeC2202 You don't need to replace the entire "update.rpf" file each time a game update drops. Just this:

    1.- Do a backup of your game.
    2.- Extract the "update.rpf" file as folders structure (to be accesibles for the next step) of the old original "update.rpf" file in backup and the new one "update.rpf" files.
    2.- Download a tool like Araxis Merge to compare files/folders/text.
    3.- Using Araxis Merge or any other files comparision program (I use Araxis), select the option to compare files and start comparing the most important (vehicles.meta, version.txt, handling.meta, gameconfig.xml, dlclist/extratitleupdatedata.meta, etc) ones.
    4.- If something changes on the files you compared, just copy/paste/replace the old lines with the new ones on your modified backup files (if these values/info are changed by a mod, then don't do it. Do it only if does not affect any of your mods).

    I tried that last time R* released an update, and my game was working perfect with all the mods previously installed. Just be sure you're doing all correct.

  • @Reyser How does that cope with something like VisualV though, which installs a huge amount of files through an OIV package installer into update.rpf? Will that process let you identify all those files and let you copy them into the new update.rpf?


    @LeeC2202 I also have VisualV installed, but I keep the files this mod replace in each update, just because they will be replaced again by the mod. Also, this mod keeps updating the same day a game update is released, so don't worry, these files will be updated automatically with the mod too.

    @yeahhmonkey Seems hard but is easy, because is always the same process and it saves an important part of your time. You won't need to re-edit your "vehicles.meta" and "handling.meta" files with all the data your previous mods had installed (a lot of lines). You just will need to insert some new lines if R* do it. So easy, at my pov.

  • @Reyser

    "1. Backup your game"
    (Isn't the mods folder already a backup?)

    "2. Extract the update.rpf
    (Do you mean the one in the mods folder)

    Perhaps you could make a quick video for youtube for the benefit of everyone :) ?

    with thanks



    1.- No, isn't a backup if you modded it and you don't want to lose your modding progress installing new Rockstar updates.
    2.- I mean the original "update.rpf" by Rockstar Games, the one is located on main folder, not in mods folder.

    I can't make a quick video because I'm really busy with my studies, just follow the steps with calm and you'll get how to do it each time a R* update drops.

    @yeahhmonkey I suggest you to don't use Redux, It will fuck your game performance (textures disappear easily, most of the files are stolen from other mods (Included VisualV, handling mods, etc), etc).

    Redux changes most of the texture files, so it changes almost all "x64?.rpf" files, included "update.rpf" and weapon config files. For Redux, just be worried about "update.rpf" files, are the only ones that can/will be changed by R* update and will fuck your "Redux" update.rpf files.


    Some script mods relying on memory editing might not work.

    In particular, for my interests, my scripts... :/

  • Wait for the new scripthook then reinstall anything that got replaced/removed.

  • How long do we reckon scripthook will be out of date for?

  • @sitting_pretty Hopefully not long ;) - Gonna crack on with online for now ;)

  • @sitting_pretty Usually a couple of days or so... unless there are no changes that affect anything, as happened with 791.1 to 791.2 which just required a version check update.

  • @LeeC2202 god I hope your right. lol

  • This DLC couldn't of come at a worse time, I just recently bought this game on PC specifically to use the mods, (previously own the game on console when 1st released) spent the best part yesterday installing the rest of the mods after getting home from work, just to come on today to find out nothing works! :( lol oh the pain! I'm guessing not alot will need reinstalling as most would be just editing the dlclist.xml if I'm lucky.

  • if anyone already installed the update, are there new patchdayng folders ? except common and update, any other files modified ? thanks

  • @UKBanger421 What kind of mods did you install? Any mods that installed data into update.rpf will probably need reinstalling... after you copy the new update.rpf into your mods folder that is.

    Of course, none of this matters without a working ScriptHookV, it's pretty much the backbone of the modding scene. If all else fails, you can read the comments on the ScriptHookV download page for entertainment. They're usually hilarious at times like this. :)

  • @UKBanger421 I know it sucks... but be patient. It will get all figured out. The GTAV modding community & this site have a bunch of very clever, bright people working at it right now.

  • @LeeC2202 I installed a hell of a lot of cars, scripts and texture mods for the billboards and buildings, I bet I need to reinstall everything from scratch lol :( when I 1st installed the mods in one hit, the game kept CTD so I had to go back and install one at a time to find the mod thats causing the CTD, if I need to go through all that again, its going to be a long day lol

    @Weirdoutworld Yes the community seem well knowlegded and also very helpful, had pretty much instant replies to any issues i've had, I'm just going to go do other things and check back tomorrow or every otherday, no rush.

  • @UKBanger421 It should be just update.rpf mods that get replaced so anything out of there should be safe

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