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Any Add-on Ped model makers here?

  • I have a request for one of you to make a Trump model. I will pay you for your trouble. Here's a link to possible models you can make. Hopefully you can mange to get some without having to pay them. I dunno, hopefully you can find one elsewhere if not here



    someone made this before, i seen it in WIP. don't quote me but @MegaDeveloper possibly?

  • Nah, I looked at his channel, I don't see Trump. Someone else here has a model of Trump, but it looks nothing like him. I think it's just a model of an old man.

  • @roguegiant Actually I did, however the model I released was not on my page, but sent via DM. The hair and some facial animation were being worked on and would have been released, however the projected stopped due to somethings that came up that I needed to address. Sorry.

  • Thanks for responding. Do you know of any other people who could rig one? I'm making a mass call. Anyone capable of making a good Trump ped will get paid.

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