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Missions Maker (action movie version)

  • Hi people !
    i have a big requests that keeps bugging me

    The last version of mission maker have the ''added-Ped'' / Vehicule option
    but you cant chose Peds life points !

    I would like to have differents life points and body armor, for peds
    to creat boss fight or harder thing to kill !
    would fit more all those super heroes on the site !

    would like somone to creat a special missions maker for action heroes .. or to mod the mission maker
    i can give money if needed ..

    the best scenario maker for heroes is Manyoo cuz you can make harder peds
    , they can even have cool light animation
    If you want to make ped or an object appear in the scenario , like an alien or terminator from the futur X)
    but you cant make them feel like real in game missions , like mission maker can

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