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Seeing particles through windscreen

  • Hey all this is a bit of a noob post but I like driving in first person, but with all the mods I have, there's a bit of an imersion breaking bug. The particles from rain, snow, fog, etc and the sounds from rain get messed up..

    I think it's due to one of the mods I'm using not setting a variable sate such as "IS_INTERIOR" which makes all glass textures and alpha diffuses allow particles THROUGH, in other words you can see rain from inside a shop. Rockstar have of course got this down in their game, but one of my mods seems to leave the game thinking I'm in 3rd person view, hence the no rain particles and loud sounds as though the camera was further away from the engine than it actually is (oh, engine sounds too)

    Anyway, to fix the rain and fog problem I just detach the windscreen and lower all the windows through my trainer, which is super easier and it's a quick fix. Here's my examples:

    As you can see, in base GTA V when you press V and switch to first person, the game sets an environment state, something along the lines of "Is in interior of car" this makes the sounds from otuside the car sound different, gives motion blur and screen effects, tells glass materials and textures on cars to become particle transparent, makes rain muffled, and tons more cool immersion driven stuff.

    I love using my first person mod, does anyone know a way I can make a simple script where when I am in MOD first person, that simple simple basic line gets called? Please help me out scripters

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