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Up the game memory?

  • I get game memory errors so it got me wondering, can you raise the game's memory limit? I imagine all the mods I have are stressing out the game's resources.

    I have altered my virtual memory 1000-5000 but it has no effect.

  • @GetTheClicker The game relys on Vram. Dont use the in-game memory bar. It lies. Says Im at 2800mb but Im actually at 3400mb. Use riverta statistic server or MSI after burner to monitor in-game. If you have less than 4gb Vram thats probably the issue.

    Id also like to know what other people have to say about this...

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  • @Weirdoutworld I suspect the memory errors are caused by the game allocating resource memory based on the original (and expected) configuration and data. So when you add cars/mods that use more resources, it runs out of allocated memory for them.

    Most games allocate pools for different resource types, so this probably has a vehicle pool, a ped pool etc... But if that pool is designed to handle 200 vehicles of [X] amount of memory, when you throw a couple of cars into the mix that use [X] * 2 (or worse) the amount of normal vehicle memory, you suddenly don't have 200 vehicles worth. But the game won't know that and will still try and fit 200 cars into the pool. It's probably even more noticeable if you have modded cars spawning into the traffic.

    That's what the changes in the gameconfig help to cure, because they increase allocation pool amounts to cater for the extra data involved. If that is the case, no amount of tweaking outside the game will make any difference.

    Running out of VRam will just result in performance loss as it has to rely on system memory instead... it shouldn't cause any errors as such.

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