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is there a way to add car upgrades to car addons that don't have them?

  • Title says it all, using the HS customs '69 Camaro, it doesn't have upgrades (turbo, engine etc). I was wondering if there is a way to add these on after the fact. I'm fairly new but I searched it already an came up with nothing.

  • @Andrew135790
    Going by the files that car should have basic upgrades (engine, suspension, armour etc). I think you may have a ModKitID number conflict.
    Test for a ModKitID conflict by setting this line in the hs 'carvariations.meta'

    Change this:


    to this:


    & then test it in-game. If the basic upgrades now appear it was a ModKitID conflict.
    That car doesn't have complex upgrades (Bodywork/Spoiler/Rollcage/Bonnet etc) so there was no need for a a ModKitID really. Leave the line as '0_default_modkit' & it will function 100% perfectly fine without you missing out on any functionality :thumbsup:

  • Oh awesome, thanks! I'll try this when I wake up, been up all night lol.

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