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Seems like addon limit reached

  • Hello,

    I have a problem. Today, when I installed some addon cars, the game crash appeared. After some fixing I figured out, that I have limit of 145 addon cars. No matter, what addon I add, when I have 146 or more, game is crashing. I've tried both configs from F7YO and elcreador, the same limit.

    Anyone has idea how to fix it?


  • After updating my game to patch 1.36, my game crashes with ~110 addons. But I noticed that I could add 1 more (it was some "488") and my game crashed, but when I added another one instead of this "488" (it was "lp770"), then my game didn't crash, but after adding another one to this lp770, my game crashed again.

    Error code is "ERR_FIL_PACK_1". Any solution, please?

    Thanks up so much, because I can't stand with this crashing shit. ;_;

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