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Mod/Script Issue - Have Tried Troubleshooting

  • Hey All,

    I am not new to the site but I had an issue that I need help with so I created an account.

    I installed some mods today to try out and I am getting stuck on loading story mode. I launched with Ragehook and I have the text dump here:http://dumptext.com/ajC42AfM

    The items I added are the following:
    4K Satellite View
    Radar Satellite View
    World Enhancements
    Super Yacht
    Single Player Apartments
    Best High Setting for Medium and low pc
    Fresh Start Save
    Website Hax
    Advance Fuel Mod
    Realistic Bullet Holes
    Real Damage Vehicles.

    I could really use some help here, I have tried removing all scripts and putting back in my old save without any luck.


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