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[SCRIPT] Realistic Police Mod

  • I’d like a version of the Police mod that’s a little more realistic:
    • Instead of just driving into the garage, a suspect must be taken to the police station (mission row is easiest), taken mugshots of, and directed to jail cell
    • Suspects already in jail cells will be lead onto a prison bus and driven to the penitentiary

    I would also appreciate it if this mod could be done reverse:
    • Instead of immediately going into a “Busted” cutscene where you pay bail and get ammo taken away, you get arrested and driven to the police station (just like in the existing mod)
    • You get your mugshot taken, you get put in a jail cell, and after a day or so, you are put on the prison bus and driven to the penitentiary
    This mod could also tie into other mods like Open All Interiors and the Prison mod. Other things you could do for the latter suggestion is have an option to pay bail and to have it so that the player/npc can escape at any time (as a player, get a wanted level)

    I haven’t spent too much time researching so lmk if a mod or mods exist with all these request :)

  • yea I'm trying

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