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No x64 and Update in mods folder

  • HELLO im currently trying to install custom police car mod (replace) and in instructions i have text:
    "FIRST go to: gta5 / mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks"
    In my mods folder i don't have any of this!

  • @Twepz4 Open up OpenIV, go to the vanilla update.rpf and OpenIV will show a red banner up top stating you are not in the mods folder.
    There will be a button to "copy to mods folder", click that and you're set. Do the same for x64.

  • uh i have an issue with that,i cant copy it to mods folder,the message just doesnt appear,but when i go to a rage package it does appear there,any help?

  • @Richie__Gael Here is how to do it manually without OpenIV in less than a minute.

    1. Find the root folder where GTA5.exe has been installed.
    2. RightClick anywhere in the root folder and a Windows context menu will appear. Select New Folder.
    3. Rename the new folder you just created, call it Mods.
    4. Inside the empty Mods folder, repeat the process to create a folder called Update.
    5. Inside the Update folder create a folder called X64.
    6. Inside the X64 folder create a folder called dlcpacks. That's where your addons will go.
    7. Go back to the root folder and look for the game folder also called Update, not the one you just created, this is the game version in the root folder.
    8. Inside the Update folder is a file called update.rpf, copy this file to Mods/Update, so it is next to X64.

    To verify your installation and additional information under Part 4.The Mods Folder From Windows. This will also explain where other files such as X654v.rpf, for example, would be copied so they can be modified if a mod's instructions calls for it.

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