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Video Ads are annoying

  • Come on guys, i'm an old user here and i'm keep myself online in this site oftentimes, but now with these new video ads pop ups annoying me with jump-scare songs are ruining the experience, i don't know if i can get longer with this


    They definitely should not be auto-playing sound. We've informed the ad provider of this issue.

  • Have to agree with taldobill, is there any way to get them to stop popping up with every single new screen? When going in to look at a car, they pop up, going back to the previous page to keep looking, they pop up, next page...and so on. Could they somehow maybe be disabled for members or offset the revenue by charging a small fee to browse the site sans the pop ups? I'd pay a fee to be able to look without them taking up the nearly a quarter of my screen.

  • and the worse thing, that adblocker and anti-banner of antivirus dont block this shit... :/


    @Gta5KoRn You just need to use the uBlock Origin extension for Chrome (I don't know if it exists for other browsers) and disable the pop-up video only (it does have a tool to select what elements you want to hide from a site). Problem solved :ok_hand_tone1:

  • @Reyser Problem is solved when this popup video is removed from the site :) not everyone is using chrome

  • @Reyser that uBlock Origin extension worked perfectly! On Chrome anyway. No more annoying video ads!!

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