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  • I bought my GTA V in G2A, not steam is original, I've never gotten install any car or any mod since I updated only the game as it finds errors when I add a car or when I add a mod, but I could add the trainer, but to this day I do not work anything, even the trainer.
    I would like to ayudarais me as I want to add cars and other things to my game.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    I add a screenshot of my directory of my GTA v.
    alt text

  • @thexgato You need to install OpenIV, and OpenIV.asi to modify rpf files, in other words, install car, weapon and ped mods.

  • I have openIv
    V, i modify rpf files but when i try open game rockstar use auto update, if i modify the rpf files on mod folder my game no read this files.

  • @thexgato No, you need the OpenIV.asi file in your GTAV directory.

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