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Need a little help with ped modifications

  • So I'm creating a mod at the moment, and I was wondering how to make the swat peds (S_M_Y_Swat_01), also spawn in riot vans and FIB buffalos flawlessly. I managed the peds to spawn in both of the cars by adding some flags in vehicles.meta (FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT+FLAG_EMERGENCY_SERVICE I think it was), but they would just spawn incorrectly, they will disappear (the vehicle, the peds or both) when u look away from them, looking at the ground or not looking at all, causing an endless spawning cycle. I could see that in the minimap. But when I used the FIB peds, S_M_M_FIBSec_01, both of these cars did not disappear and worked as they should be (no ghosting and stops spawning when reaching ur wanted ped amount in dispatch.meta).

    My options are to either find a way to make swat units work in other vehicles (because they only work in grangers at the moment) or change the fib ped skin/textures to the swat ones and buff/tweak the fib peds so they would be exactly like the swat peds

    game version 1604.1/1.46, steam version

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