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How would I get started making a real life vehicle in zmodeler?

  • I was always interested on how people create a car for GTA 5 with Zmodeler. I was wondering if anyone knew how I would get off to a fresh start.

  • @car-mod-fan watch youtube tutorials . and initially it is best to learn modifing, existing gta 5 cars. That will help you learn the basics. Later you can move on to converting, from zero. It takes time :)

  • Would I first insert images?

  • @car-mod-fan no. Images are textures. Those are done for paintjobs or livery mods. If you want to learn converting cars. You will have to work with,3D models. Not just images. Looks like, you are not familiar with the basics. You need to watch videos. And read forums etc.

    Although there's many great models made on ZMod, those have various problems, like excess of polygons, or weird normals, doing serious work with it is like cutting an onion with one hand, when there's better alternatives like Blender ( open-source 3D rendering/modelling program ), that has a better interface, more tutorials , and more functions to have better-looking models, or paid ones like 3DSMax, Maya or Cinema4d.
    Try learning 3D basics first, don't expect to make a Lambo on three days. Hell, i take 2-3 hours to model a fairly-good seat and texturize it, 4 or 5 if i use real-life photos for texturing.
    Most of the models that you see converted are from PROFESSIONAL 3D sites ( paid, usually they cost 70-100 dollars ) or Forza/Asseto Corsa/NFS/The Crew/Any next-gen racing sim/game.

  • @SerranitaMods Whilst I think your first line is rather harsh, I do agree with the sentiment.

    As a 3D modelling programme goes, ZModeler is probably the worst I have ever seen. It has taken all the industry standard practices of interacting with meshes/polygons and vertices and added a pointless collection of counter-intuitive processes that make even the simplest of tasks, an absolute nightmare.

    The only 3D programme I have ever seen that was worse, was the one I used at Microprose in the early 1990's, where we had to enter the vertices as numeric values and the polygons as vertex numbers, having worked them all out on graph paper beforehand. It's the perfect example of what happens when you let a "technically clever" programmer design an interface for artists.

    If Blender had the import/export ability of ZModeler, it would be a perfect pairing. So I completely agree, avoid ZModeler for actual modelling, unless you want to make it 100 times harder than it already is to learn how to model something. Blender has some excellent mesh modelling tools with an interface driven by functionality and usability, not pretty coloured icons and bizarre control schemes.

    @car-mod-fan When you say "Do I insert images?" do you mean blueprint images, or the textures on the car? I ask because a common car modelling step is to insert blueprint images into the scene, to build your model from... is that what you mean?

    Like this: alt text

  • If you want a superior modelling tool, then wait for this one ( It doesn't support .yft since there is no openformats for that yet ):


    It supports 3DS Max which is free for student version.

    no offense for Zmodeler3, but that tool is shit and the fact that you've to pay for it makes it 100x worst.

  • @cyberzone2 Thanks for the link, I'll keep my eye on that one. The author seems to be lacking in enthusiasm at the moment, so it's probably one for the future.

    It's weird how the ETS2 community really got behind Blender, eventually ending up with SCS releasing an official set of ETS2 tools for it. I just wish this community would drive the same sort of approach for GTAV. If the modellers had access to a proper artist-oriented modelling programme, I can only imagine how much the models would benefit from that. And maybe the game if it resulted in more optimised meshes...

    There's nothing worse than being forced into using a programme due to lack of options... especially when the only option is as poorly designed as ZModeler. :(

  • 3ds Max is developed by hundreds, if not thousands of people.

    Blender also has hundreds of people in it's work force.

    Zmodeler has one man that created it, re engineers games for YOU! and also gives support almost instantly. No gentleman it is not rubbish, it is a miracle.

  • @Virus-T1000 No, that just means the man behind the software isn't rubbish. And that fact has never been in dispute, he is clearly very talented, in a technical sense... but all that talent is tarnished by the dreadful way the programme works.

    The programme itself is poorly designed and it doesn't take thousands of people to make a well designed programme, just one that understands how artists work, what they expect and how to give that to them in a functional UI. And let's not forget one thing here... this is commercial software, not freeware. If it was free, nobody would complain but on top of the design problems, you also have his ridiculous licensing system to deal with... that fails more often that it succeeds.

    The "It's just one man" argument is no excuse, when that one man is hell-bent on forcing his bad design philosophy down your neck. When you create something for a group of people, artists, musicians etc... you listen to those people when it comes to feedback on how that software needs to work. You have to understand basic good UI design principles and conform to standard practices that people are used to dealing with. If you cannot adapt to the way your users need the software to work, then no amount of technical skill will encourage them to use your software.

    I've used 3DS Max since version 3 (20+ years ago) but got so frustrated with performing even simple tasks in ZM3, I let my license expire. It wouldn't be so bad if he released proper documentation and tutorials. But his tutorials are almost like speedruns where he simply waves his mouse about and does things as fast as he can. That's not how tutorials work... they're meant for people who don't know what keys/buttons are being pressed. They don't know what all the options do, speedruns don't help.

    And again I reiterate... this is commercial software. When you charge for your software, it had better be worth charging for...


    Hey, I managed to make a driving box without wheels for GTA IV once upon a time!

  • @LeeC2202 Well Oleg has to put food on his table somehow! lol... I've never had an issue with the licensing system or it's interface. It's very cheap and It's simple, even has quick methods which blender and max do not have like copying coordinates from a click of a button. I guess they all have their pro's and con's but I for one like Zmodeler and I've been using Max for 15 years. Also Max is not freeware unless your a student. It's over $3000.

  • @Frazzlee Max isn't just a 3d modeling program. Zmodeler was used more times then 3dsMax for scratch made mods for GTA, Because there were no import/export Scripts for GTA back in the old days until Kam made one. So Zmod is also the real thing and it was used more times then 3dsMax, which started off with Zmod modelers being very good one's.

  • @Frazzlee Zmodeler is very simple and easy to use. Never had a problem with zmodeler since 18 august 2015 (my first time using zm3). The only time i use 3ds max is for 3d text, and smooth groups. all my rims from the bmw rims packs, which are: style 20, 26, 32, e9 (only edition not from scratch). Even made a bmw 2000 CS one:

    Also a Citroen DS 21 dashboard:

    So yeah, you can tell they are not incredible ultra mega giga HD 8K, but at least it was made in zmodeler, without any headache.

  • @Virus-T1000 I completely understand what you are saying and I suspect that if you have grown up with ZModeler, you are used to it. The same thing happened with Maya and Max, so it's not a situation unique to ZMod. Maya had amazing poly-modelling tools, Max had excellent texturing tools and if you were used to one, using the other was a complete PITA. :D

    Incidentally, Blender has had coordinate copying for a long time. One of the benefits of Blender's approach, is that many users create scripts that provide the functions that other people request, so it grows based on user demand. For some reason though it just fails to catch on in certain modding circles and it confuses me because it's a very good free tool. GMax seemed to do well in the flight sim modding community but again, never really went mainstream... same with the Maya Lite version.

    I used to have to contact Oleg on a regular basis as my license would fail to validate, meaning it wouldn't import anything. All those little things eat away at your enthusiasm to use a programme... especially when you know that you can load up the one you're used to and have no problems. Oleg is very good at communicating on specific issues but he needs to broaden his communication on the basic issues as well. Having a solid userbase of long-time users is all well and good but you can't get more people on board, when you are inherently failing to address the requirements of new users. I know providing tutorials for users in your non-native language is hard but if you want to sell to those people, then you need to cater for those people. Slow, methodical tutorials explaining the basics, rather than rapid mouse waving and option choosing.

    I guess I'm just one of those people that is always looking for things to reach the potential I know they have. It's the same with the people I have mentored... you can see their potential and sometimes they just need a nudge in the right direction to get there. That's how ZModeler feels to me... like someone who just hasn't been given that nudge.

    Anyway, we use the tools that are put in front of us until we are given alternatives... at least someone is providing tools of any kind, I'd hate to go back to graph paper. :D

  • Well, i also used to make mods on ZModeler, because on the latino-american modding community, that was the standard back then. Of course, that brought various problems, like over-sized cars, f*cked up polygons, z-fighting. And they got a weird taste for excessive 3D with colors, go and look to some CH4P4X/ChristopherIgor cars, they have most parts made on 3d but with matte colors as textures.
    I still use it for converting. Just started learning Blender now, what toke me 2 hours on Zmod now takes me 30 mins.

  • @car-mod-fan said in How would I get started making a real life vehicle in zmodeler?:

    I was always interested on how people create a car for GTA 5 with Zmodeler. I was wondering if anyone knew how I would get off to a fresh start.

    Anyways, Apart from discussing what 3d program is best, here's a Zmod guide on how to start out and also check youtube video tutorials. No point doing anything with any other 3d software when they don't support GTA scripts. You'll only end up loosing smoothing groups and mapping coordinates.

    I advise reading it thoroughly and ask as many questions and I'm sure these guys will help out. You'll also have to work out the new Zmod interface but if you know your way around Zmod2, then it should be pretty easy.

  • Watch the two basic Zmodeler GTA IV to GTA V tutorial videos and convert a GTA IV car for your personal experience. Try to fix it all and start learning modeling in 3Ds Max or some similar programes! Zmodeler is not the best way to get 3Ds Models into it, so whatever your learn there, just looking forword to GTA V plugins for other programs like 3Ds Max!
    But before all that, you should now how to work with GTA 5 textures. Keep the folling things in mind that you have to know what it is:
    -Normalmaps (not the outdated one that was called bumpmaps)
    -Texture Lods (.ytd _hi.ytd)
    -burn area
    -What a mesh is
    -What specular map is
    -Specular colors
    -What normals are
    and everything else that is related to 3D modeling.

  • @LeeC2202 the blueprints of the car. I was trying to find a police car blueprint, but i dont know where to look.

  • @LeeC2202 Also the textures. I know that you need photoshop for them.

  • @car-mod-fan said in How would I get started making a real life vehicle in zmodeler?:

    @LeeC2202 the blueprints of the car. I was trying to find a police car blueprint, but i dont know where to look.

    The first place I go to for blueprints is here: http://the-blueprints.com/

    Not sure if they'll have exactly what you want though but you might be able to find something close enough to start from.

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