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dnSpy help!

  • I'm editing a .dll file in dnSpy to change a single line. Someone made a script that gives a BMW M3 GTR mod a gear whine sound, and it's an addon vehicle. The spawn name is m3e46, so the code tells it to look for m3e46. I want to edit that to say something else but I can't even compile when I edit method because even without editing all the code in the file can't compile. Thing such as "Script", "GTA", "Vehicle", etc. cannot be found.

    I don't even know why I still post here because this forum is dead asf. But does ANYONE know what to do or can anybody edit the file for me? I'm basically just telling the script to work with another add-on car mod instead of the one it's currently working on.

  • You need to put ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll in the same folder as the dll you are editing.

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